Take Your Muay Thai Training to the Next Level – at Evolve MMA

Train with multiple-time world champions at Asia's number one gym - Evolve MMA in Singapore.
Are you looking for a fun way to get in shape, while simultaneously learning self defense? Or are you maybe in somewhat decent shape and would like to add a new fun way to stay in shape?

Maybe you are a hardened Nak Muay (Muay Thai Fighter) – looking to take your training to the next level?

Muay Thai originated in Asia in the country of Thailand and has been a deeply rooted part of the culture for a long time. Thailand has produced some of the most iconic Muay Thai World Champions that the world has ever seen – so taking a trip abroad is a good first step to taking your Muay Thai Training to the next level.

Maybe you are bored with your surroundings and want to see and experience a new and completely different culture, enjoying exciting new foods that you have never tried before and getting mesmerized by architecture or beautiful nature spots.
Thailand has hundreds of gyms all throughout the country and choosing the right one isn’t always easy. But what if the best Muay Thai training for someone who doesn’t speak the native tongue isn’t in Thailand?

Evolve MMA in Singapore – The #1-Ranked Martial Arts Gym in Asia

The training staff at Evolve MMA consists of some of the best Muay Thai World Champions to ever do it. Combined they have thousands of fights and over 50 authentic world championship titles of the highest order, such as: Lumphinee, Rajadamnern, WBC, Thailand National and many more.

The team of instructors boast some of the most recognizable names in Muay Thai:

  • Orono Wor Petchpun – 3-time Lumphinee World Champion, knocking out Yodsanklai Fairtex (twice), Saenchai Sor Kingstar and beating K-1 legend Buakaw Por. Pramuk
  • Yoddecha Sityodtong – World Champion who is also a Certified Muay Thai Instructor under legendary Kru Yodtong Sityodtong and by the World Muay Thai Council (WMC).
  • Yodteera Sityodtong – WMC World Champion who is also a Certified Muay Thai Instructor by the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) and Kru Yodtong Sityodtong.
  • Sagetdao Petpayathai  – Multiple-time World Champion, 4x Lumphinee World Champion, 1x Rajadamnern Champion, 1x WBC World Champion and has beaten legends of the Muay Thai game.
  • Penek Sitnumnoi – Multiple-time World Champion, 3x Lumphinee World Champion, 1x Omnoi World Champion and many more, even though he is only 28 years old!

Nonthachai Sit O, Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn, and Orono Wor Petchpun.

Imagine being able to train with a living Muay Thai legend, who has beaten names that will go down in history as some of the greatest to ever do it? What an epic adventure!

But having a name in Muay Thai doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a good teacher – or that the area surrounding the class will be the best. That’s another reason why choosing Evolve MMA is a great choice. Every instructor has a different set of skills and are experts at various parts of the Muay Thai Game.

Using their strengths and having them all in one place means you can work on different parts of your Muay Thai game every day – regardless of if you want to further your clinch game, or sharpen your elbow strikes.

Quiet locations to immerse yourself into training

Not only does Evolve MMA house some of the best instructors in the world – that on a daily basis make each other better, as well as the students – the atmosphere around the gym is perfect for learning. Even if you are a hardened Muay Thai veteran with professional fights – training with authentic World Champions will surely make you better. As they say: Iron sharpens iron.

All of Evolve’s locations are situated in an area that gives you the chance to immerse yourself 100% into training – while at the same time being close to tourist attractions, nature spots and restaurants. The modern equipment and matspace are optimized to get the most out of every training session – regardless if you are a novice or an aspiring fighter.

So while you are away on your traincation (training+vacation) in Singapore you will have no distractions like you would at home, such as school or work. You will be able to focus fully on training and either losing/maintaining your weight – or sharpening your metal as a martial artist with the help of World Class Award Winning Evolve Instructors.

Customizable training schedules with Evolve Vacation Pass

You can customize your training schedule to fit your needs with the special vacation pass from Evolve Vacations. Book a private with one of the many amazing instructors – or participate in group classes that are going on throughout the day. Whatever you choose will most certainly make you a better Muay Thai Fighter, especially if you participate in some light sparring too.

While at Evolve you will surely meet other like minded people from all over the world – and perhaps go explore the many shopping and food experiences around Singapore together. A room full of like-minded people is an exceptional place to learn and meet life-long friends!

All this would be a moot point if one thing is missing – a supportive team spirit. The spirit of the gym’s is an essential part of training and being surrounded by driven individuals is key. Training at Evolve you will be around not only Muay Thai World Champions, but World Champions in other arenas such as boxing, BJJ and wrestling.

Since our instructors are seasoned veterans, they have extensive knowledge of what it takes to be a professional fighter – even if you don’t aspire to be one, their knowledge can benefit you too. The Evolve Instructors can help you with anything ranging from cutting weight, how to throw the perfect leg kick or how to improve your cardio in the best possible way.

Of course there are loads of other martial arts you can train like wrestling, MMA and BJJ, you can also try the Warrior Fit or Yoga for MMA to further your stamina, balance and overall fitness levels. Increasing your fitness level and bodily awareness will help you regardless of the martial arts you practice – even if you practice no martial arts at all!

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10:th PlanetAmerican Top Team

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UFC 27612
Israel Adesanya vs Jared Cannonier1.224.50
Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway1.532.62
Sean Strickland vs Alex Pereira2.001.80
Pedro Munhoz vs Sean O'Malley3.251.36
Brad Riddell vs Jalin Turner2.101.72
Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena1.802.00
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Speltips: UFC 276

Adesanya via TKO/KO/SUB2.40
Cannonier via TKO/KO/SUB5.50
Volkanovski via domslut2.25
Holloway via domslut3.75
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