Bojan "Serbian Steel" Velickovic. Foto: Khim Hjern/MMAnytt

Bojan Velickovic dissar Jonatan Westin: “Inte rädd för hans stora muskler”

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Under torsdagsnattens PFL 3 äntrar den svenske welterviktaren Jonatan Westin den stora miljonturneringen i den amerikanska topporganisationen Professional Fighters Leauge. Galan äger rum i GWU Smith Center i Washington D.C, där Allstars-fightern gör upp mot den serbiske UFC-veteranen Bojan Velickovic i kvällens allra första match.

Inför matchen fick MMAnytt en exklusiv intervju med Velickovic, som bland annat hade ett par hånfulla ord att säga om Westin…

MMAnytts exklusiva videointervju med Jonatan Westin hittar du här

First of all, how does it feel to enter PFL’s big tournament and get the opportunity to win 1 million dollars?

 – I feel really happy that I got opportunity to be part of this tournament. Not because of the money prize, but because I like this concept of competition very much. Staying busy with a fight every six weeks, possibly five fights in less than six mounts is what excites me the most.

Jonatan feels that he “definitely” is a better wrestler and grappler than you, and says that he’s not worried about your striking either. What is your response to him?

 – In my opinion, he is not a very intelligent fighter. He is trying to make up for his lack of confidence by lifting weights. There is no doubt that he is a very dangerous opponent and he definitely has bigger muscles than me, but that doesn’t scare me. I know I am the far better and smarter fighter and I will prove that when I make him quit! 

How do you see the fight play out and how do you secure the win in an ideal world?

 – I see him running out like he always does – that’s when he is going to get some counter punches that he is not going to see. He’s gonna start pushing for clinch and takedowns where he’s big muscles are gonna get tired and that’s where he is going to feel what the real grind is.

Will you change up your game plan and be more aggressive to try and get a finish and earn additional points?

 – As I said, I am not worried or concerned about points or money. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me but I know I’m ready for three rounds of heavy war and that I’m gonna find the best possible way to win this fight.

PFL’s welterweight division is stacked. Is there any specific name you wish to fight next?

 – I’m in this sport because I want to be the best and that means I have to fight the best. There is a few big names that I definitely would like to test myself agains, such as Rick Story, Abubakar Nurmagomedov and Jake Shields. But I’m also not too concerned about my next fight since I have a very tough opponent in front of me. Jonatan’s probably one of the toughest ones on the roster and beating him next week is my main focus right now.

Velickovic vs. Westin kommer att streamas live och gratis på PFL:s officiella Facebooksida på torsdag kväll klockan 23.00.

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