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Media day and press conference and Invicta so and so

I had a lot more to say, but I will just put all my thoughts and a wrap up into one place and in hopefully less than a page.

Here is what I think and what I wished happened. I watched the press conference and I watched Robbie Lawler sitting there bored. Robbie “I’ve been a bad motherxxxxxx since 2002” Lawler. Robbie “I have a welterweight belt” Lawler. And yet all the questions were directed only at Conor and Chad. As many know, Conor and Chad are the headliners but still, the toughest dude in the room is Robbie Lawler. If I could have had any wish come true it would have been for Robbie to stand up. Smack the microphone out of Conor’s hand, push Chad down a flight of stairs, fart loudly and then tell everyone that he could beat them all up. Possibly everyone in attendance too. Just line up all the fighters and fans and he will crush all 500 to 1000 or so of us. I wish that would have happened. It didn’t. Robbie is quiet and polite and sat there distracted thinking of all the people he’s knocked out. And to me, that was a crime. His story is arching and full of suspense and it’s a fairy tale. He is a living breathing never give up story that in ten years someone will write a movie about. (I am going to start now, so, that’s mine, stay away) and yet, no one paid attention. But that’s marketing. No one likes Justin Beiber but we all know who he is because some jerk in jeans to tight and a pony tail that he pulled through the back of his hat decided to make him famous and everyone said, okay, let’s.

Conor, let me add, is no Bieber. The dude is tough, tough enough to beat Chad Mendes? We will see, tough enough to be the best in the world, yeah, very possible. But until that is proven Robbie Lawler is the best in the world at that table. And I think people should respect that. Unfortunately, he’s fighting a guy who has the personality of a dead moth that I am fairly certain is also a serial killer. So it’s a hard fight to sell.


Now I am sitting so close to the cage at an Invicta event that if I sneeze the fighters will be sick next week. It’s a small event with a lot of hopes for it’s own future. We will see how many people show up and if those dreams of an Invicta 14 event come true. As of now, Steve Mazgatti walked passed and I wanted to ask him what he intended to fxxk up tonight. And in walks Tito Ortiz and fans don’t just want to get a picture with him, no, none of that, they want to have a heart to heart with him. So that’s what’s happening.

Side note.

I think the UFC sabotaged the Invicta event in the best way possible. Usually after media interviews we all sit around edit and upload. This time after the editing and up loading began they decided to drag out a bar and have free drinks for an hour right before the Invicta event started. Now, I am not saying they are threatened by the event, hell Invicta is being piggy backed on the UFC fight pass network. But if there were ever a way to get people to skip or write sloppy its free hooch.

Well played UFC. Well played.

Side note to the side note. Girls handle watching their friends lose much differently than men. I’ve watched friends lose and it sucks and I stood there depressed but that’s the nature of the fight game. Someone wins and someone loses. But watching a girl get knocked out, her friends reacted by screaming and then when her opponent celebrated the girls in the crowd started screaming. “You stop celebrating bxxxh. You put your hands down right now you bxxxxh. I’ll beat the fxxk out of you bxxxh.”

It was that. A lot of that.

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  • Baz3
    10 July 2015 at 08:18

    Great, some drunk dudes random ramblings… so glad I read this site.. Great work with the tags as well!

  • Vaettra
    10 July 2015 at 10:36

    Var går svenskan till invägningen iklädd en amerikansk flagga? Du behöver inte komma “hem” igen, Kinzaad.

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