Fighternas sista ord innan Strikeforcegalan

Werdum sparade sitt rosa band från Hultsfred förra året

Här kommer ett gäng (main card) sista ord som fighterna sa inför galan inatt:


“I want to thank M-1 GLOBAL and all the organizations for putting this competition together. This is a very important fight for me.

“Fabricio Werdum is one of the greatest fighters. He is a legitimate top 10 fighter and proved that long ago. It is a great honor to perform against him.”

“I’d prefer to stay in the background but I know I have media responsibilities that I have to do.’’ 


“I’m a Fedor fan. This is a very great honor for me to fight the No. 1 fighter in the world. I don’t think he has any weaknesses. I thank Fedor for taking this fight with me.”

“I’ve had a great, strong camp. I have worked very hard in all aspects. I’m ready for this fight. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I’ve lived my whole life for this fight. I’m ready.’’

Fler efter hoppet…


“I train so hard and I always give it my all. I love MMA but there is something about the sense of urgency I feel during a third round. That’s why my plan for this fight is to bring the third round to the first, and fight the first round like the third.”

“I’m a slow-starter and can’t wait to get the first round out of the way. But I’m going after Cung from the start this time.”

“I’m really looking forward to fighting again and fighting regularly again. For me, six months is a long layoff.”

“I never care who I fight, whether it is for a title or in a tourney. I just want to fight.


“Scott Smith is a very tough guy and a hard guy to finish because he never quits. Against Scott, a fight is never over until it’s over.”

“I didn’t listen to my corner between rounds of our first fight. I’d dominated the first two rounds, but instead of just scoring points in the third, I went for it all and emptied my tank.”

“But that was our last fight and that was last year. I’m very excited about the rematch and proud to be on a show of this caliber.’’


“I’m very happy to be fighting again in the same arena where I won the title and I’m confident I will successfully defend it on Saturday.”

“I’m looking forward to a great fight.’’


“The four-fight winning streak I am on has given me a lot of momentum and confidence going into Saturday.”

“Weight will not be a factor. I have fought at 140, even 150 before.”

“This is very exciting for me because I literally have nothing to lose. There are no expectations for me. Everyone seems to be treating this matchup as if Cris is fighting someone they picked from the crowd or something like that. All that does is give me extra motivation.”

“The key for me is to keep firing back, no matter what she is trying to do. I am in great shape. I am not nervous. I am excited for this opportunity. I hope to open some eyes come Saturday.’’


“It took me a while after my last fight with Gilbert (Melendez) to regroup, lick some wounds and get healthy again, but now I am 100 percent and very thankful to be fighting on this great card. Thanks to Pat for taking this fight on such short notice.”

“There is lots at stake in every fight. I know Saturday is going to be a tough fight. Pat is fighting really well and feels he deserves a shot at the title.”

“I am looking forward to a great fight on Saturday.’’


“Training’s been great and I feel great. I am ready to go in there and turn people’s heads and show them that I am a legit 155-pounder.”

“This was a quick turnaround for me, but I am very well prepared. I have a great game plan. This fight could go anywhere, but wherever it goes, I’ll be ready for it.’’



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