Akira Corassani lägger handskarna på hyllan

Den 32-årige Hamid ”Akira” Corassani har valt att lägga handskarna på hyllan. Han gjorde sin sista match under UFC on FOX 14 som gick under lördagensnatten i Tele2 Arena, en match som tyvärr slutade i förlust för svensken.

Akira Corassani avslutar sin MMA-karriär med ett rekord på 12-6,1 nc. Han hann få ett UFC-facit på 3-3 och medverkade i The Ultimate Fighter 14 där han var en match ifrån att ta sig till finalen då han förlorade mot Dennis Bermudez i semifinalen.

Akira släppte ett uttalande via sociala medier under måndagskvällen som ni kan läsa nedan.

”I got into to this to challenge myself, get kicks and thrills and live life as close to Van Damme in Bloodsport as possible. I was 22 years old working at a factory confused and bored when I made a bet with my co-workers to become a fighter. They laughed and I said WATCH! I did it all and holy smoke what an adventure it has been. I feel like I could write at least 8 books about my journey, the behind the scenes stuff and other craziness. If I found lamp today and rubbed it and a genie popped out and asked me to make a wish I would say “I wish every human being on earth could experience everything I have. Along the way I never thought of how many people I’d inspired, entertained and upset (mostly keyboard warriors). It is with deep joy I write this, I am full and content and I would never want to change a single thing. My brain has filed for a divorce and doesn’t want to cooperate anymore. The passion and the technique is there but every car has a date (except for the Swedish Volvo 740). I feel like I have so much to share, show and talk about and I will in the future… From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WONDERFUL 12 YEARS AND I TRULY LOVE AND APPRECIATE THAT YOU TUNED IN. It was all my pleasure folks. I salute you, THE END!?”

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