Dan Hardy håller tummarna för en rematch med Carlos Condit

“Damn Jackson’s they put people to sleep”

Dan Hardy gick in som favorit mot Carlos Condit när dom möttes i London på UFC 120. Tyvärr räckte det inte, då Condit träffade honom perfekt i första ronden och knockade Hardy långt ner från weltervikts toppen.
Detta är Hardy rätt sugen på att rätta till, och hoppas där med starkt att få möta Condit igen.

This camp I’ve gone back to the ways that work for me. A couple of years ago I changed a few things and I do think that they paid off for me in the past year. GSP was obviously a tough opponent but the Condit fight I have no excuse for. I should have won that fight 100 times in a row. The Condit fight, I didn’t have any respect for, like I said, his ‘roll of the dice’. I didn’t think there was a chance of getting caught. But it has put me in a place where, I certainly wouldn’t like to fight me now because now I’m suppressing my inner serial killer and I want to hurt somebody and Condit’s going to be at the top of my list until the end of my career. I want to get that win over him and I’m determined to get that. I think this next fight is going to be a good step towards getting back to Condit and to the rest of the guys that I want to put a beating on. He certainly hasn’t gotten away with it.

Med ett möte mot Anthony Johnson inplanerat på UFC Fight Night 24 så kan detta blir första steget tillbaks mot “The Natural Born Killer”, frågan är bara om Hardy kan ta sig förbi “Rumble”?

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