Dereks sista intryck av Boston och UFN 59

MMAnytts amerikanske reporter Derek Bergey besökte Boston och UFC Fight Night 59 under den gångna helgen. I denna artikel sammanfattar han sina intryck från helgen som varit.

Here I sit, tired and bored waiting in the press conference room for fighters to come in and hype what they did that lived and died in the span of minutes. It was recorded so it will live on and in record books hidden on hard drives and in file templates that will remind us of what happened. But the moment is gone now, and now the fighters have to find what’s next for them. Entire months and years based solely on the performance that ends in these small moments of time. So, before I leave here tonight, I’d like to take a second to talk about today, the event and leave it behind me as a memory of something that after a hard fast eight beers I’ll forget happened altogether.

I’m impressed but not to the extent I feel I should be. I am hearing people of Irish decent say it’s the greatest fight they’ve ever seen, I’m hearing people claim Conor McGregor is Achilles’ minus the heel weakness. And they have every right to believe they did just witness greatness. He completely detonated in the ring and won without a challenge, but I sit here feeling empty amongst those staring at their high resolution pictures and editing them for uploads and responding to their tweets and whatever it is that these people are supposed to be doing in this room. I sit empty because, Conor McGregor won a fight that everyone said he was going to win, and he won easily as everyone said he would and that was that. No one ever gave Siver a chance, not Vegas, not the UFC, not a person in attendance and even in my heart of hearts probably not even myself. If a person wins a fight that we knew they were going to win are we supposed to be utterly shocked or are we supposed to shrug and say “Yeah, that was expected”, to a bunch of people already in agreement.  It’s like screaming to a bunch of people who already think the same thing that two plus two is four. BAHHHH! A fight like Jon vs Gus there are those oohhhhh factor moments. That what if and what could be as the fight shifted from here to there, where every moment is contested by each man not willing to budge, but with this, it was never advertised that way, maybe if Chad Mendes or Cub Swanson, Frankie Edgar or someone of that nature, someone ranked higher than Conor other than Aldo himself, then maybe the drama would have been higher. The climb greater. Conor crushed the number six guy so his next fight was against the number ten?

People can assume I just don’t like Conor, but you’d be very wrong, I actually like the guy a lot. I think he should write self-help books, I think the belief he has in himself, that confidence should be taught in groups and the world would be more positive. A lot of men believe they are invincible, that they are the best lovers, the best fighters, the best at this and that and that’s just because people are strange and have weird complexes, but Conor is great. When he is in the room he elevates the belief of what you think you are capable of. He carries himself in a way that makes you want to reach out and be more, to be the best at something. To reach out for the stars and know that there is something more out there for us. Conor is what’s next, the way man came out of a cave and made fire, the way man looked at the ocean and pointed with an outstretched arm into the distance and said I have to know what else is out there, The way man spread diseases that almost wiped us out and the way man came up with answers for those disease.

Men use to look at the moon and say… There!. And we stopped, we stopped believing we were made for greatness; we stopped building skyscrapers that were meant to get us closer to heaven and not just sparkle in day light. We stopped striving for education and instead we make fun of those that do and we started to feel small in the light of others. That led us to close off, to stop believing in heroes. Conor McGregor is popular because he believes in himself so much that people want to be apart of that. He points in a direction and says, this is where I’m going, and everyone who was afraid to be themselves see’s this and says, I’m coming too. Who cares if it’s just a T-Shirt and a chant, he makes people proud to wave a flag.

For me, as Derek there is nothing that means more to me than seeing my own flag, nothing on Earth. If you meet me in person I’m usually wearing something that says USA on it. But I know my history better than most people, and my pride stems from there. When Conor see’s his flag, you know he’s proud, you know he is a proud, proud Irishman, I hope when his fans wave those flags, I hope it means more to them than just a colorful cloth. Because he is bringing a national pride to a country forgotten by time unless we are talking about pubs and… pubs.

But still, I believe when the fireworks went off and the confetti fell you can’t help but think, “Well, you beat someone we knew you could have beat”. What’s the big deal exactly? And what is?

Again, say what you want but in the end, it lacked the drama as what was supposed to happen, happened. Same as if I am driving from my house to your house and I get there. It’s not that exciting is it? I’m impressed, I was impressed before he walked out, so really nothing changes and nothing is gained from this. I liked Dennis Siver’s plan, I thought he did the best he possible could with the task at hand and should be proud. He didn’t fall into the hype. He didn’t change according to Conor and what he brings into the cage. He tried and fell short, but he did a lot better than people gave him credit for.

I also think the first fight with Matsuda, the fight with Lorenz Larkin and the performance of Uriah Hall and courage of Donald Cerrone should be talked about as those were the most exciting (not so much with the Cerrone fight). They were the one’s that had the largest arc. Where men entered with a task at hand and performed in ways that some people never thought possible. When Cowboy and Henderson fought whether people agree with the verdict or not, it shows the possibilities of friendship between competitors. Those guys are like Professor X and Magneto or in a different way Batman and the Joker. Constantly doomed to be rivals with the utmost respect for each other in their mutual respect and friendship.

So I am leaving Boston in love with a city but not with a story to tell. Conor lived up to the hype in every single way possible. He will lead the way to a title fight. If he wins that fight of course there will be more challenges. He can win, he can beat anyone at that weight and maybe up one weight class. But it’s not his ability that enamors us. It’s his belief in himself that is genuine, that makes us believe we ourselves can do more.

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3 Kommentarer
  • Kenny Starfighter
    20 January 2015 at 02:19

    intressant läsning och helt klart tummen upp på att ni fått ut en reporter igen till galorna i usa!
    Mer sånt!, tyckte även han hade riktigt intressanta frågor men de blev ibland lite långa.
    Keep up the good work Derek!

  • Jacob Unander-Scharin
    20 January 2015 at 04:36

    Riktigt grym artikel.

  • HataPK
    21 January 2015 at 08:51

    Trevlig läsning +1

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