Hela presskonferensen inför UFC 137: St-Pierre vs Condit i textformat

Det var verkligen det sämsta möjliga tillfället för UFCs live-stream att sluta fungera. Den fungerade förvisso, men det hela hackade så brutalt att det knappt gick att hänga med i vad som berättades. Som tur var så har hela presskonferensen plitats ner i textformat, och placerad på det stora vida nätet. Jag hoppas åtminstone att det ger en ungefärlig uppfattning på vad som egentligen hända.

Själva presskonferensen var dryga 15 minuter försenade, men började så här:

Dana White: Nick Diaz missed his flight on Tuesday, he apologized and I rebooked him a flight to make it to Toronto and he texted me saying he couldn’t that flight either. I told him he needed to play the game, I told him he had to promote this fight, he had to show up for press conferences and Nick looked me in my face and lied to me and said he’d do it. Another thing you’ve heard me talk about many times is short windows of opportunities for athletes. Georges St. Pierre is an absolute professional. He broke his training camp in Montreal, went to Toronto, did a full day of media by himself in Toronto and Nick Diaz did not show up. Then he booked a flight to Las Vegas to come here and Nick Diaz also did not show up. Georges St. Pierre wants nothing but big fights. When you go out and do a press tour whether it’s mixed martial arts or boxing. I’ll give you an example. Who’s more difficult than Floyd Mayweather? He’s crazy difficult to deal with in signing fights but he’s an absolute professional in doing the things that must be done. I’ve never had a situation like this in my career where a guy just goes MIA and doesn’t show up for any of the stuff.  Carlos Condit is taking his place.

Dana White: Nick Diaz has lost his opportunity at the welterweight championship. When we called Carlos Condit and offered him this fight, he started crying and had to call us back 15 minutes later. I don’t know what else to say. It blows my mind.

Dana White: I’ve got to talk to B.J. Penn now too, he doesn’t know about it and he’s gonna be one seriously pissed off Hawaiian.

Georges St. Pierre: To tell you the truth, when I went to Toronto and he didn’t make it, I didn’t judge him right away. I thought something happened to him. I don’t know the guy. Then I talked to some people and I heard what happened and that’s really unprofessional. You need two partners to promote a fight. You need the UFC to set everything up and promote the fight. I showed up to do my job but Nick Diaz did not show up to do his job. Consequences, i just learned the news not too long ago, I’m surprised, I’m shocked, I dont’ know what else to say. I just learned a few minutes ago, I don’t have the words. I got caught off guard completely. It’s been 10 years I’ve been training for the UFC, the world title. This thing means everything to me. I just dont’ understand how someone don’t show up to an opportunity like this. I just can’t believe it. It’s amazing and I don’t know what to say. It’s crazy.

Dana White: We were talking backstage and it just makes no sense. I’d be a liar if I was standing up in front of you and I said I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I made this fight. I didn’t expect this though.

Georges St. Pierre: I thought maybe something bad happened like maybe someone died or something. For me to not show up for something like this, it would take something very bad, a member of my family died or something and even if that happened, I would tell the UFC. We’re partners. You have to tell the truth to your partner. I just don’t know. It’s insane. I don’t know what to say.

Dana White: I talked to Nick on Monday night and you guys have interviewed Nick before. I got a bunch of jibberish and then he told me he’s getting on the plane. Nick Diaz obviously can’t handle the pressure of a main event. That’s what I think. We can all pass around the microphone and come up with ideas for why he’s not here. It’s absolutely insane. The kid flew out to my office and signed the contract and told me to my face that he’d do everything we asked him to do and he’s not having to do anything that Georges St. Pierre isn’t doing. It makes no sense. It’s beyond comprehension.

Georges St. Pierre: I was mad that he didn’t show up but I don’t care what he’s doing, I care about myself. I said I would do it so I do it and I respect what I say. I show up and to tell you the truth, I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t think of a good reason for that.

Dana White: There was a pre-sale on tickets today and they’ve done very well. For those that don’t want to come to the Condit fight, there will be an opportunity to get a refund on your tickets. I suppose this is better than if Nick hadn’t shown up on the night of the fight.

Georges St. Pierre: I have to reorganize my training camp compltely. Condit has way more power, way more diversity of attack than Nick Diaz has. I think he’s gonna be a way more dangerous opponent than Nick Diaz. I was happy to fight Nick Diaz because he’s been saying a lot of things about me. He was champion of an organization and I am champion of the UFC. I do think if Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit would fight, I think Carlos would win. I would put my money on Carlos Condit.

Dana White: I won’t cut Nick or anything like that yet. I need to figure it out. I need to talk to him.

Georges St. Pierre: I don’t talk to Greg but the thing is, I never trained with Carlos Condit, we never trained together. We trained at the same gym before but we never trained together.

Dana White: Cesar Gracie is calling me. “Hey Cesar.” *long pause* He said, “I apologize and I agree with you 100% on what you’re doing. I haven’t slept much. I’ve been trying to find Nick Diaz all over town. He’s hiding from everybody and he thinks it’s as weird as we do.”

Georges St. Pierre: Carlos Condit has a bigger variety of attack standing up and his ground is just as good as Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz is more of a boxer. Carlos Condit has a bigger range, he can hit me with a kick with knees and elbows and everything and he hits harder than Nick Diaz. For me, it’s a fight that I truly believe is way more dangerous and his pedigree is just as good.

Dana White: This is beyond insane, to not show up for all these press tours and not to show up for your own press conference for your world championship fight?

Georges St. Pierre: Maybe he’s been taken away by aliens. I don’t know why nobody can find him. I don’t know. Maybe he will show up and calling me names right now. I don’t know what to say. For me, it doesn’t make sense. I work all my life for the opportunity. It’s crazy. I just don’t understand. By doing this, you have a better lifestyle, his life would have changed completely. i don’t like to do this. I would rather train and fight. I don’t like the staredown, the face to face, the “click, click” of the cameras but I do it anyways because it’s my job.

Dana White: This was life-changing money. Maybe he folded under the spotlight.

Dana White: This isn’t out of left field. Who in the room is really shocked and horrified and can’t believe that this is happening right now?

Georges St. Pierre: If you don’t want to do it for yourself, at least do it for your family, for everyone else. It’s selfish.

Dana White: Carlos was the first and last selection for this title shot.

Dana White: B.J. doesn’t know yet. We’ll find out in 30 minutes I’m sure.

Dana White: Cesar Gracie said he snuck out of Cesar’s door. Cesar’s been looking all over down. I called Nate Diaz and he said, “I hear ya.” I knew we would have problems with Nick Diaz but I didn’t expect this. If I knew this would happen, why would I make this fight and embarrass myself? I had Georges flying all over the place and promote a fight that’s not even happening. He did a full day of media for a fight that’s not even happening. Look at how much he’s disrespected Georges St. Pierre. Do I feel disrespected? I’ve got thick skin. I like the Carlos Condit fight.

Dana White: GSP is the man. Anything we ask him to do, he’s there with bells on, even though he doesn’t like it apparently. He’s a true professional. He shows up. He does what he’s supposed to do. I consider him one of the best athletes in all of sports. Did you see his new underarmor commercial? He’s in there with Tom Brady and all these guys and he’s the most athletic guy in the commercial. I couldn’t say enough good things about Georges St. Pierre.

Georges St. Pierre: It’s true that it’s short notice for me, but it’s also short notice for him. In this business, stuff like that happens all the time. Matt Serra was supposed to fight Matt Hughes and Serra got hurt and they called me and asked if I could jump in and I said, “yes sir.” That’s why I train all the time. In this business, you have to be ready to fight all the time. I want to thank Carlos for stepping up and taking the fight.

Georges St. Pierre: Of course I want to go for the finish. I think one of the reason why maybe the fight with Koscheck should have been finished. Hardy was made of rubber. Jon Fitch, I knocked him down like 2-3 times in the fight, I took his back. These guys are hard to finish. It’s not because I’m bad at finishing, I think the opponents I face are really good. I think the style matchup and that’s how it happens. I think overanalysis create paralysis. I’ve been trying to work in training especially in that fight working more on the instinct. I want to analyze my opponent but not overanalyze. Less analysis and more instinct.

Dana White: I gave Nick every opportunity to get here and then this morning we got up and we knew he wasn’t coming to Vegas.

Georges St. Pierre: There’s no excuse for postponing the fight. He’s in the same situation for me.

Dana White: He’s running and hiding from his camp and his team. I’d rather pull him out of the fight now than have him no-show the event. The last time he fought in the UFC was 3-4 years ago and he got in a fistfight afterwards at the hospital.

Dana White: Within the last two hours, I’ve pulled the fight, put Carlos Condit in the fight and I haven’t had a lot of time to figure out what’s going on with him. I still have to talk to these guys. I would have to assume that we might let him go.

Dana White: When I knew for a fact that he wasn’t coming in, then I got passed.

Dana White: When he missed his first flight, I wasn’t mad. It happens. Then he missed his second flight.

Och där tog presskonferensen slut.

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