Intervju med Ryan Ciotoli och Gary Marino – Jon Jones managers

Jones, underst i ställningen, Bonnar ser ut att lida pin

Efter att ha översatt en lång intervju med Dan Henderson så blir den här på engelska. har gjort en intressant intervju med Jones managers där det framgår att dom är missnöjda och att det kan vara tal om en protest angående agerandet av Danas hatobjekt Steve Mazzagatti. Hey guys, thanks for the call. First off, I just want to say that Jones looked great in there against Hamill. Amazing performance.

Ryan Ciotoli: Oh yeah. He did the things he wanted to do. I talked to Jon and he’s not disappointed by the performance, just the result. After the fight he said he accepted the ruling. But now after reviewing the tapes, you feel he has a case for a no-contest?

Ryan Ciotoli: He doesn’t want to embarrass anyone but he feels that the fair ruling would be a no contest. After the fight we watched the tapes again and there were a few things that stuck out in our minds that the ref did wrong. We’d like to see the loss removed. What should the ref have done differently?

Gary Marino: The ref said to Matt Hamill, “Are you done?” but Matt didn’t answer and he called the fight. If he would have stood Matt up, cleaned the blood out of his eyes, and brought in his interpretor, he would have found out right there that Matt could not continue due to the shoulder injury. The commissioner said at the press conference that if an illegal blow is the cause of the end of the fight, then it has to be ruled a DQ. But in reality, the illegal elbows did not end the fight, it was the shoulder injury. If the ref had communicated better, he would have seen it was the shoulder not the nose.

Ryan Ciotoli: I also think that Matt felt he’d lost the fight and didn’t see Mazzagatti standing over him. Mazzagatti should have cleaned off Matt’s face and brought in the doctor to evaluate him. Brazilians have translators; Matt does as well. But his interpretor was not used by the ref. Jones did throw some questionable elbows. Jon was looking for a different angle and it wasn’t intentional. And if you look at the slow motion replay, it doesn’t look like 12 to 6, there was a curve to it. Maybe 12 to 7 or 12 to 8. Plus there was no warnings from the ref prior to the stoppage. So you feel the ref could have communicated better with Hamill?

Gary Marino: Absolutely. He seemed to forget that he was dealing with a guy who was deaf. If a guy gets a low blow would you stop it if he didn’t respond to a question because he was gagging from the pain? No. You would communicate with him. The ref should have checked his condition. There was a definite lack of communication. The illegal elbow did not contribute to the stoppage, it was the shoulder separation. If he would have communicated properly with Hammill, he would have realized it was the shoulder. So you feel that the cut was not a significant factor in stopping the fight?

Ryan Ciotoli: If you look at the cut, it’s a good size but how many times have we seen a cut like that and they let the fight continue?

Gary Marino: Matt didn’t even complain about the cut. He was talking about the shoulder. Plus, there is issue of intelligently yourself. Hamill took 80-something shots and just laid there covering up, so you make a case the fight should have been stopped then. Were you surprised that Mazzagatti did not stop the fight earlier? There were a lot of unanswered blows.

Gary Marino: Jones hit Hamill with eighty-something unanswered shots. In Roy Nelson’s fight with Kimbo, Nelson’s corner started counting and the fight was stopped after twenty-something blows. Jones landed eighty-something.

Ryan Ciotoli: That’s why Jones was looking at the ref. He didn’t want to hurt Matt. I think he was taken aback by the fact that Matt was not intelligently defending himself and yet the fight was not stopped.

Gary Marino: The illegal elbow opened the cut, but the cut was already there. Also, he should have given Matt an opportunity to recover after the illegal blow. At least check him out in the corner.

Ryan Ciotoli: Jon talked to Matt at the airport and Matt told him that he had no idea what was going on and thought he’d lost when the ref pulled jon off him. Very interesting stuff, gentlemen. Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out and will be speaking with you both again in a few days to follow up.

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