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Michael Johnson om det kontroversiella domslutet: “Everyone knows I won that fight”

Michael Johnson (16-9) tog sig an Beneil Dariush (12-1) på UFC Fight Night 73 och förlorade via delat domslut, ett domslut som har kritiserats av många.

Johnson uttryckte hur han kände kring matchen på presskonferensen efter galan och tycker att han vann matchen mot Dariush.

“I definitely think I deserve a big fight after this. Everybody knows I won that fight. I definitely thought I pushed the pace a lot more the whole fight. I stuffed every one of his takedowns and I think I landed more, so I don’t see how they could’ve given him the win. Not taking anything away from Beneil, he fought a very good fight, but at the same time I controlled the whole fight. It is what it is. That’s why you don’t leave anything to the judges. It’s a little frustrating, and I apologize for the way I reacted, but you know how it is. I set out to get in there and get a job well done, get my goal of getting up to a title shot, and this kind of stops that. So I’ve just gotta get back in there.”

“It is what it is, like I said, but at the same time, I’m at the top of this division. Everybody knows the way I fight, and I’m going to compete and challenge anybody I step in there with. So hopefully something good comes from this. If not, I’m still in the gym working, and I’ve just gotta keep going. But as far as a step back, this absolutely is, because it is a loss on my record. So I’ve just got to redeem myself.”

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