Shane Carwin biter tillbaka…

Ta den där förbannade bilden nudå någon gång så jag slipper stå här med de här jobbiga ungarna

Shane Carwin är trött på allt tjat om att han inte ”säljer sin kommande fight” mot Brock eftersom han vill minimera sin tid tillsammans med amerikansk MMA-media. I en blogg på hans egen hemsida biter den hårdhänte nallebjörnen nu tillbaka. Hör bara här:

”A lot of people are still questioning my reasoning behind limiting my media access. If you read this article it would sound as if I am somehow failing at my duties as a fighter. Or according to the Zuffa ”Talking Heads” I am not doing my part to sell this fight. Lets talk about me selling this fight. I earned this fight. I was asked to train for Cain and I began my camp. I was then told Cain is not the opponent I am being bumped up to Lesnar. Then I begin training for Lesnar to only have him pull out of the fight TWICE. His ”miracle recovery” underway I was told I am going to have to face Frank Mir to earn the opportunity to face Brock (something I had already been given and taken away now twice).

So for those of you confused by the fact that I somehow am fighting Brock because I talked crap or played some hype man you are wrong. I earned this fight and this opportunity.”



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