Thiago Silva kallar Jon Jones en tönt

Not a Kodak-moment.

This guy is a jerk. Everybody’s a professional fighter and all fights include provocations. Brandon Vera said he’s break my legs, that I wasn’t on his level. I don’t say things, I do. You get recognized when you do things. I’m a professional fighter, but I can’t always please everybody. There’s always somebody behind the computed with a plate filled with French fries, ready to criticize you. I fight for the fans, for the money and to put my name up there. Talking is too much easy, nobody knows what goes on in your life, your trainings… I think I did my job. Who likes it, likes it, but you can dislike it if you want.

Jon Jones gillade inte vad Thiago gjorde mot Brandon Vera (trumma på ryggen). Thiago kunde inte hålla sig och har svarat (se ovan) genom Tatame. Båda herrarna är bokade att möta andra i toppen, men vem vet? Kanske kommer de fightas en dag?

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