UFC on FX: Guillard vs Miller – Play by play

MMAnytt.se befinner som den enda Skandinaviska sidan på UFC och vi täcker dem flesta galorna. Nu skriver vi “play by play” (på engelska) live med Marcus Kowal.

Joseph Sandoval vs Nick Denis
Quick finish after only 22 seconds by Denis, who lands hard elbow blows to the temple of Sandoval from the Thai clinch.

Winner: Nick Denis by KO.

Daniel Pineda vs Pat Schilling
Pineda gets a powerful takedown and lands in a high mount. Schilling gives up the gack after some G&P and Pineda can sink in the rear naked choke from a standing position that forces Schilling to tap.

Winner: Daniel Pineda via submission.

Fabricio Camoes vs Thomas Hayden
Southpaw Hayden dominating the standup, Camoes clearly looking for the takedown. Gets it once but can’t do much. Camoes pulling guard to get the fight to the ground. Beautiful omaplata attempt by Camoes who reverses and finally takes Hayden’s back. Trying to slip the hand under the chin and finally gets it. Submission by rear naked choke by Camoes.

Winner: Fabricio Camoes by submission.

Charlie Brenneman vs Daniel Roberts
Roberts working the guillotine but Brenneman does a great job defending it. Expecting a great grappling match, from 2 high level grapplers. Charlie on top from half-guard, trying to do some damage with blows. Advances to side-control and a modified crucifix, looking for the kimura. Heavy control by Brenneman from side-control. Strong round for Brenneman; 10-9.

2nd round – After a few strikes, Brenneman secures the takedown once again and avoids a guillotine with great athleticism. Back in half-guard and finally passes to side-control. Crowd is booing, not appreciating the high level grappling. Brenneman secures the modified crucifix once again and starts to land heavy blows. Roberts finally explodes out of it and gets back into guard and manages to control Brenneman for long enough for the ref to stand them back up. Roberts working the southpaw stance but Brenneman shoots back in for a single leg. However, Roberts on top, attacking a kimura and after some scrambling, Roberts ends up on Brennemans back but too high. However, sinks in a reverse triangle. Not sure how deep it was but round ends. Brenneman, 10-9.

3rd round – Once again, Brenneman secures the takedown early on in the round and establishes side-control. Softens Roberts up with knees to the body, before once again working for that modified crucifix with the knee on the bicep. Roberts gets back into guard and Herb Dean stands them up. Roberts shoots in but a nice sprawl by Brenneman, who ends up inside guard. Roberts secures a kimura in the end and it looks very, very close! However, the round ends and again, Brenneman steals the round with the takedowns and top-control, 10-9.

Winner: Brenneman by unanimous decision.

Next up, Kamal Shalorus vs Khabib Nurmangomedov (that was a mouthfull)

After a lot of feeling out, Kamal gets rocked and Yamasaki looks to be close to stopping the fight. Kamal survives the round and after both were slugging it out in the end of the round. 10-9 Khabib.

2nd round – Kamal shoots in but Khabib stuffs the takedown and ends up in Kamal’s guard. Yamasaki stands them up, after little action. Kamal looks more careful with the striking now. Khabib gets the single leg takedown, ends up in half-guard. Yamasaki stands them up. Kamal constantly switching between regular and southpaw. Khabib lands some strikes in the end of the round – a left hook that may have cut Kamal. 10-9 Khabib

3rd round – Kamal doing a great job stuffing the takedown attempts by Khabib. Kamal going for a guillotine before being mounted. Khabib secures a rear naked choke that forces Kamal to tap.

Winner: Khabib Nurmagomedov by submission.

Jorge Rivera vs Eric Schafer
Rivera announced this to be his last fight and obviously wants to go out with a bang (pun intended).

Shafer secures the takedown. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to stand up with Rivera and understandably so; Rivera has 12 wins by KO in his 18 wins.

Rivera momentarily gets back to his feet, only to get taken down again. Shafer working G&P from the half guard.

20 seconds to go and Rivera reverses it, only to get stuck in an omoplata. Round ends. 10-9 Schafer

2nd round – Schafer comes out and looks for the takedown again. Wastes a lot of energy trying to secure a single leg and Rivera does a great job stopping it. Rivera gets on top and starts raining down punches. Ref Herb Dean steps into stop the contest after Schafer isn’t trying to improve his position!

Winner: Jorge Rivera by TKO

Pat Barry vs Christian Morecraft
The guys are talking to eachother before the round even starts. Must be two of the friendliest guys in the game.

Pat throws a lowkick but Morecraft catches is and gets the takedown, going for a choke. Pat pops back up and the two heavy weigths trade punches in the center. Morecraft goes for the takedown again; seems like thats the gameplan.

Morecraft gets the single leg as Barry tries to get the guillotine. Morecraft gets mount and then takes Barry’s back, only to transition into an armbar, which Barry defends beautifully. Fighters back to their feet. Barry catches Morecraft with a left hooks that sends him to the canvas. Barry follows up with some vicious strikes and Morecraft is out.

Winner: Barry by KO.

Jared Papazian vs Mike Easton
Both fighters already talking smack to eachtoher – this should be a war!

1st round – Both guys go right at it in the center of the ring. End up in the clinch and Papazian works elbows and Easton answers with knees to the legs.

Yamasaki separates them and Papazian shows some great stand up, circling away from Easton and using his range.

Easton lands a hard knee to Papazians face. Papazian circling a lot and Easton tries to catch him with a spinning back kick. Round ends with the fighters slugging it out, almost not wanting to stop as the bell rings.

2nd round – Papazian comes out more aggressive but gets caught with a hook. He answers back but Easton lands a punch and a heavy leg kick that almost takes Papazian off his feet. Papazian clinches and works the Thai clinch against the fence. Yamasaki steps in to separate them.

Easton keeps being the aggressor, stalking Papazian, who moves well around the cage but doesn’t strike enough to be able to win the rounds.

As I say that, Papazian connects with a heavy right hand. Fighters clinch up against the cage and Easton gets the takedown. Easton in half guard and moves to side-control. Papazian uses the cage to get back to his feet.

Papazian shoots after getting caught with a left hook but Easton stuffs it and Papazian ends up on his back.

10-9 Easton

3rd round – Fighters meet in the center once again and slugs it out. Easton landing some nice leg kicks. Goes for the takedown but Papazian does a great job staying up. Fighters clinches up against the cage. Easton catches Papazian with a knee to the groin. Ref stops teh action but Papazian is game and goes right at it. Easton tries for a takedown but Papazian stuffs it. Both fighters in the center of the ring, dirty boxing. Crowd is on the feet! the guys are slugging it out, displaying great Muay Thai and boxing! Wow! What a round! This is fight of the night so far!

Winner by majority decision: Mike Easton

Duane Ludwig vs Josh Neer
If anyone thought that Neer was going to take this to the ground, they were wrong; He’s right in front of Ludwig. Both of them landing but Ludwig definitely the better and more complete kickboxer.

Neer goes for the take down and secures a single leg. Neer gets a deep guillotine and puts Ludwig to sleep.

Winner: Josh Neer by guillotine

Melvin Guillard vs Jim Miller
Guillard starts hard, dropping Miller with a hook. Miller tries to go for the takedown but Guillard does a great job wizzarding out of it. Guillard lands a hard knee to the body. Miller is in survival mode.

Pace slows a little bit and Guillard moves.

Just to explode into a jumping knee.

Miller gets the take down and gets Guillards back. Sinks in the choke and finishes Guillard!

Winner: Jim Miller via Rear naked choke

That’s all for tonight folks – thanks for stopping by!

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