Dan Hardy tror sig spöa skiten ur Carlos Condit

Dan Hardy ser ingen anledning till varför Carlos Condit ville möta honom.

I am surprised he [Carlos Condit] asked for the fight. I don’t think it’s a good fight for him. I think he’s in a tough situation in his career right now. He’s not exactly on a great winning spree in the UFC at the moment.

I think I’m just a bad fight for him. I think everywhere the fight goes, I’m just going to be able to overpower him and beat him up. By the time the fight starts, it will be too late for him; he shouldn’t have called me out.

I see that screwed up face he does, like he just swallowed a wasp. All pissed off and angry. …He knows what’s coming. Prepare yourself. Start sending out some job applications to see what’s out there. Because by the time October 17th comes around, you might need to find a new job.

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