Junior dos Santos vill möta obesegrade boxningsvärldsmästaren

✅ "Ska knocka Ngannou, ta tillbaka min titel och sen..."

I helgen går forne tungviktsmästaren Junior dos Santos ett spännande möte mot den livsfarliga Francis Ngannou. De två går huvudmatch under helgens UFC on ESPN 3: Ngannou vs. dos Santos som äger rum i United Center i Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I en intervju med MMAFighting berättar dos Santos om sina planer för sina kommande matcher. Hans första plan är att knocka Ngannou, sedan ska han återerövra sin tungviktstitel.

“He has a lot of power. If he connects a good punch on you, you’re out. That’s 100 percent sure. But too much power without the right control is useless,” sade dos Santos. “So I’m going to take the best of Ngannou and if he’s not ready to show me his best. He’s going to get knocked out. I’m going to come to knock him out for this fight.

“I believe I have more skills than him, better boxing. I know he was talking about even fighting in boxing. This could be a good chance for him to have a boxing fight because I’m not going away from the standup game with him. I’m ready to stand up and bang against him. I hope he’s ready for that, too. Because I’m sure the fans will love it. I can knock anyone out in this division and Ngannou is going to be the next guy. I even have enough boxing to beat boxing champions.”

“I’m going to knock him out. He’s going to go down.”

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Vill utmana Deontay Wilder

dos Santos har en boxningsbakgrund och anser att han är den bästa boxaren i UFC:s tungviktsdivision. Brassen som har tre raka vinster sedan han utmanade Stipe Miocic om tungviktstiteln – har stora aspirationer om att möta en av boxningsvärldens bästa tungviktare. Nämligen Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder.

“Now my biggest goal is to go back, fight for the title in the UFC. Take the belt back and then start promoting a fight against one of the boxing champions.”

“I think and I already have this idea in my mind who it could be. It could be Deontay Wilder because everything I see about Deontay, he’s a great champion. He knocks everybody out and he doesn’t run away from a good match,” sade dos Santos. “He accepts all the matches. Some of the guys pick fights but this guy is not picking fights. He’s fighting everybody. So I think if we have a good match and we are able to make people want to see that fight and there’s a chance it could happen.

“I’ve been watching him for a long time. I actually admire him. His boxing skills are different but I think that’s the perfect match for me. I can see many, many holes in his game. Can you imagine I’m not worrying about no takedowns, no kicks, no jiu-jitsu, only boxing. That would be paradise for me.”

Vem vinner en boxningsmatch mellan dos Santos och Deontay Wilder?



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