Djurrättsorganisationen PETA till svidande kritik – mot Conor McGregor!

✅ Uppmaningen - i öppna brevet: "Hjälp oss knocka djurplågeriet!"

UFC:s stora superstjärna Conor McGregor har genom åren gjort sig känd för flera klassiska citat, från alla sina galna presskonferenser och intervjuer. Vissa mer kontroversiella än andra.

Många av er känner nog igen detta – som nu har blivit aktuellt på nytt (via Twitter):

Nyligen gick McGregor återigen ut och skröt om sin Gucci-päls. Se inlägget nedan (via Instagram):

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The Original Gucci mink! I bought this coat for 55 thousand U.S Dollars at the Gucci boutique store on 5th Avenue in New York. The same location I then bought the second one, with the dragon emblazoned on the back. Costing 80k. Both these coats are hand made 1 of 1’s! None others produced. Not only are these coats iconic from a fight game standpoint – One being apart of the UFC’s first legal event in the state of New York, and the night the Champ Champ was born, and the other being apart of the highest grossing event, and biggest crossover fight in combat sports history, McGregor/Mayweather, they are now even more rare and iconic, as Gucci have since discontinued all animal skin clothing from their line. These coats are 1 of 1 and the last of their kind. All white, floor length, Gucci mink! And I have the only two in existence! The plain one has a large tiger embroidered into the seem of the coat, which I paired with a pair of wide-end Gucci pants, while the other has the unescapable dragon, emblazoned across the back, reaching around to the front, and through the entire belly of the coat! Which I paired with my very own @augustmcgregor pants! I currently have both minks in a large freezer to maintain them. I was advised this by Donatella Versace at the British Fashion awards. I’m not sure what will become of them, but I know one things for sure. These babies are iconic! One of a kind, and never to be made again! Wow! I knew upon purchase these coats would come back to me some how, and they did in PPV revenue, but the more I think of it, these babies are like art pieces now! I am going to leave them to my kids, kids. Who knows what they will be worth in many years to come? I estimate a hell of a lot! When you’re good you’re good, and when you’re great, you’re Gucci! Yours sincerely, The Gucci mink pimp, The Champ Champ, The Notorious Conor McGregor Sr.

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Detta har fått många att se rött. Bland annat djurrättsorganisationen PETA – som nu kritiserar McGregor och uppmanar irländaren att sluta marknadsföra pälsar, i ett öppet brev: (via Twitter):

PETA skriver bland annat att djuren på pälsfarmarna “aldrig för en chans att fightas” och uppmanar McGregor att hjälpa dem att “knocka djurplågeriet.” Kolla in hela det öppna brevet nedan!

“Dear Conor,

After seeing you promote your fur collection in a recent social media post, I wanted to get in touch in the hope that you’ll consider donating the garments to PETA’s fur amnesty programme and joining the evergrowing list of fur-free stars.

Animals on fur farms are never given a fighting chance. They’re confined to cramped wire cages and denied everything that is natural and important to them, before they’re gassed, anally electrocuted, strangled, drowned, stamped on, or sometimes even skinned alive. No matter how much you paid for those coats, the minks who spent their lives caged and petrified before being violently slaughtered paid a far higher price. If you’re still not convinced, please take a moment to watch this eyewitness video showing what life is like for minks, foxes, and other animals on fur farms.

Although it’s too late to help the animals who were killed for your coats, you can help prevent more animals from suffering by donating these pieces to PETA. We would put them to good use in our educational displays in order to inform other people about the grim fur trade. Alternatively, we could give them to refugees in war-torn countries or people sleeping rough – the only people who have any excuse for wearing fur in this day and age – or use them as bedding for orphaned animals.

Fur is dead – and since Ireland announced last week that it’s phasing out fur farming, that message has never been clearer. So what do you say? Will you help us knock out cruelty to animals by swearing off fur and donating your coats?”

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Håller ni med PETA – borde Conor McGregor sluta promota pälskläder? Kommentera!

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