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Tony Ferguson gratulerar McGregor – vill ha match om interrimbältet

UFCs lättviktsmästare Conor McGregor är nu klar för en match mot Floyd Mayweather Jr. och får gratulationer från oväntat håll då topputmanaren Tony Ferguson lyckönskar irländaren.

Topputmanaren Tony Ferguson är knappast Conor McGregors största fan men när matchen mellan den irländska lättviktsmästaren och boxarlegenden Floyd Mayweather Jr. utannonserade var inte ”El Cucuy” sen att gratulera sin UFC-kollega:

“I have to say congratulations; that’s a shit-ton of money for them,” sade Ferguson till MMA Junkie. “That’s a lot of fucking lettuce, but don’t forget about the UFC cage, because you’re holding onto my belt. I’m over here. Let’s fight for an interim belt while Conor is doing his other thing. Let’s get something going. The interim title is vacant. That shit needs to be in my hands. (I’m on a) nine-fight winning streak, and 10 sounds better, so let’s get it moving.”

Men trots att Ferguson väljer att gratulera McGregor så tror han inte att irländaren kommer ha en särskilt stor chans mot Mayweathers förmågor i ringen:

“I have to say that Conor’s boxing is not up to par,” sade Ferguson. “It is not up to par to how Mayweather’s boxing is going to be. … I’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt: Stay hungry, stay on that shit, try to knock his ass out. Mayweather, the same thing – Conor is going to try to knock you out, dude, so both of you boys are going to have your hands full. Better train your asses off. We want to see a good fight. If I’m going to spend my money on it, I want to see a good fight.”

Det har varit mycket spekulationer om McGregor kommer att återvända till MMA-världen efter sin fight mot Mayweather men Ferguson säger att den irländska lättviktsmästaren måste återvända för att cementera sin plats i historieböckerna:

“I say if you want to go down in the books after your boxing match, come over to MMA and test it one more time. You have to test it one or two more times against top-notch competitors. People that make the weight, that show up. … Handle your business, come back to the UFC. We’re all going to be sitting here waiting, watching, and make that money, do your thing and don’t be scared. Come back and play that game a little bit more. I would hate to see that talent go to shit. You’ve got a lot of talent, you’ve got a lot of energy, and come back and use it in the 155-pound division. Let’s fight over that belt, baby. Let’s go.”


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