UoF 26: Förlorarna på sociala medier – “Motgångar stärker riktiga män”

Se vad helgens UFC-fighters hade att säga efter sina förluster.

Där det finns vinnare finns också förlorare och efter helgens UFC on FOX 26: Lawler vs. dos Anjos så har vi en hel del av båda. Se vad några av helgens UFC-fighters hade att säga efter sina förluster.

Fotbollsmatch - UEFA - 25 sep 20:45

England - Tyskland
2.40 - 2.90
18+ Odds kan ändras. Bonus gäller endast nya spelare. Min. insättning 100 kr. 100% maxbonus 1000 kr, sport-omsättning 5x minst 2.0 i odds. Giltig i 60 dagar. Läs fullständiga regler och villkor på comeon.com. Spela ansvarsfullt. Stödlinjen.se. Spelpaus.se

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Erick Silva förlorade via enhälligt domslut mot Jordan Mein

Erick Silva har endast vunnit en av sina fem senaste matcher och brasilianaren förlorade mot Jordan Mein under helgens prelims:

CORRIGIR os erros, recomeçar os trabalhos e seguir em frente!Aos amigos e verdadeiros fãs agradeço todo ao apoio. Aos…

Publicerat av Erick Silva MMA den 18 december 2017

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Oluwale Bamgbose förlorade via KO mot Alessio Di Chirico

Oluwale Bamgbose förlorade sin tredje raka match då han blev knockad av Alessio Di Chirico. Av sina fem matcher har Bamgbose endast vunnit en och han kommer med största sannolikhet att förlora sitt UFC-kontrakt.

The fight game is crazy and fans need to realize that shit talking is apart of the game. Talking shit or about what you want to do doesnt mean your an asshole it just means you BELIEVE in yourself. Respect is always due at the end of the night. After all, the person im talking shit against is out to hurt me and visa versa. Its all love at the end of the day. Some just show more respect than others and I chose to be respectful MOST OF THE TIME LOL. Just to clear that up!………Secondly, I fucked up bc I fought a very game fighter who deserved my best but I couldn't bring that kind of fight bc I was physically and mentally recovering from an injury I sustained working which kept me from using my left leg and hitting as hard as I could or usually do. I was also following a new game plan of extreme patience but thats not me. BANG PATIENCE BANG IS MORE ME. Third………. its pretty sad my focus wasnt 100% on Alessio and that was another mistake I made. But bills have to be paid. But fuck, Alessio deserved me at 100% and im sorry for a shitty fight man. I usually kill when I see blood. I NEED SOME TIME AWAY FROM THE GAME TO REFUEL MY FIRE AND FOCUS. IM PRAYING THAT IF I DO COME BACK MY SITUATIONS OUTSIDE OF THE CAGE WILL ALL BE HANDLED. IM SORRY FOR ALL I DISAPPOINTED. DONT PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME BC IM A FAILURE WHO TRIES REALLY HARD TO SUCCEED AND YOUR BETTER OFF BEING SELFISH WITH YOUR FAITH OR LEAVE YOUR FAITH IN GOD!!!!!! #GodBlessAndHappyHolidaysToAll? #KeyBoardWarriors #YouWouldntLast2SecondsInMyShoes #FightingWorldClassFightersAt50-60% #MostWouldHavePulledOut #TakesGutes #AlittleStupid #ButBallzy?#LifeGoesOn?

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Danny Roberts förlorade via KO mot Nordine Taleb

Danny Roberts förlorade för andra gången i sin UFC-karriär då han blev knockad av Nordine Taleb i första ronden. Roberts är 3-2 i sin UFC-karriär och hade tidigare förlorat en jämn match mot Mike Perry.

First, I want to thank my family friends team and fans for their constant support and words of encouragement, without you none of this would be possible. Second of all, I would like to congratulate Nordine Taleb @tnt__mma on the win, much respect to you ?? I am a man that has ambition, and with that, I take risks and make huge sacrifices to achieve what I set out to achieve when I came into this game. It’s the wins and the losses that make us bosses and I will be back soon to continue the journey! The power, will and determination to keep moving forward against life’s adversities is what defines real men for all you haters. For now, it’s back home to the UK to do the things that really matter to me. Thank you Canada #ufcwinnipeg #ufc #FamilyTime #TeamChocolate #Peace ??❤️?

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Galore Bofando förlorade via TKO mot Chad Laprise

Galore Bofando förlorade sin första match i UFC efter att ha blivit knockad av Chad Laprise. Bofando gjorde UFC-debut i juli då han knockade Charlie Ward via slam.

Darren Stewart förlorade via submission mot Julian Marquez

Darren Stewart har gått tre matcher för UFC och förlorat alla. I helgen blev han avslutad av Julian Marquez men matchen tog åtminstone hem Fight of the Night-utmärkelsen.

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I would like to thank my head coach paul Hines for always being there for me from the beginning. I know we call you uncle paul but you are defo like my MMA dad ??Thanks to @shaneonei for taking time out to come and corner me. You have been great this week from training me, letting me punch you in the face lol and passing your knowledge down to me. Couldn’t of asked for more. And also also also Be shout to my Fucking brother @moe_tdp you have done so much for me it’s dat emotional and ppl that know us will know what I’m on about. Doing my nutrition, my conditioning, giving me them motivational speeches and just making me feel COMFORTABLE! This guy made me be myself the whole fight week, so much it felt like I was at home fighting for CageWarriors again! This guy watched me CRY! Making weight, helped me up every time I fell. Left he’s beautiful mrs and kids to be with me while I go to war. Bro you been there from the start Wen I did Taekwon-do so it was only right to let you walk out with me and be in my corner. I can actually say this guy has watched me grow from a lil boy to a big man in MARTIAL ARTS! And for that I want to say thank you. Thank you to my mrs @kattymunoz26 for making it possible for Mo to be there with me. I will not go into it but thank you my love. Thanks to @chriscarley64 and @passarguarda for helping me prepare in a short space of time. Love you guys??. So that being said AGAIN I didn’t get the win but AGAIN! I learned. Everything thing I been through this year, sacrifices I made I showed it Saturday night. I did good things and I also made mistakes WHO GIVES A FUCK! I’m only human, We live and learn and I won’t give up until I get back into winning ways. Thanks to my opponent @jmarquezmma you are a tough dude. On paper you won but in my eyes we are both winners which is why we got what we deserved. Your going places bro keep it up! Thanks to Graham and Ian for your help. Helping me a lot behind the scenes, never giving up on me. Team Intensiti ??. Shout out my bro Loadz flying out everywhere to support me when I fight which no one will do. Always a phone call away when I need you, love brother.

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Misha Cirkunov förlorade via submission mot Glover Teixeira

Misha Cirkunov förlorade karriärens andra raka match då han blev utstrypt av Glover Teixeira. Tidigare under året hade Cirkunov blivit knockad av Volkan Oezdemir.

Mike Perry förlorade via domslut mot Santiago Ponzinibbio

Mike Perry förlorade matchen mot Santiago Ponzinibbio efter tre hårda ronder. Det är karriärens andra förlust och Perry har nu ett samlat matchfacit på 11-2. Han har vunnit alla sina matcher via TKO/KO och förlorat två via domslut.

Ricardo Lamas förlorade via KO mot Josh Emmett

Ricardo Lamas tog en stor risk då han utmanades av orankade Josh Emmett. Tyvärr gick det inte hela vägen för Lamas som knockades i första ronden och nu är 2-2 under sina fyra senaste matcher.


England vs Tyskland


2.40 – 2.90


26 September | 20:45 | UEFA Nations League


Oddsbonus: 1000 kr!

18+ Odds kan ändras. Bonus gäller endast nya spelare. Min. insättning 100 kr. 100% maxbonus 1000 kr, sport-omsättning 5x minst 2.0 i odds. Giltig i 60 dagar. Läs fullständiga regler och villkor på comeon.com. Spela ansvarsfullt. Stödlinjen.se. Spelpaus.se
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Senaste NyttUFC on FOX 26

Matias Andres är en skribent som reser runt i Sydostasien, tränar Kun Khmer, åker motorcykel och plitar ihop små meningar för att kunna finansiera ett ohälsosamt förhållande till fruktshakes. Kontakt: [email protected]
Redaktionstipset – BELLATOR

Sept. 23: BELLATOR

Melvin Manhoef6.75
Karl Albrektson via KO2.00
Benson Henderson1.52
Mads Burnell1.24
Odds kan ändras. 18+ år – Regler och villkor gäller. Vi står för ansvarsfullt spelade. Spelar du för mycket? Besök stödlinjen eller ring de på 020-81 91 00. [comeontracker]

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